Advance Mapping Mornings

Advanced Mapping Morning

Secrets of 20,000 Hours of Actual Implementation in Action

4 Weeks - Connection based program

A step by step approach for crafting productivity that will outrank your competition, provide more value to your customers and are easier, quicker and more enjoyable to create than you thought even possible.


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How this  4 Weeks Intensive Program Works?

Advanced Mapping Morning is a 4-Week intensive where you will learn the step by step approach for crafting productivity that

will help you stand out at work, beat procrastination, become the most productive version of yourself and help you manage work and life efficiently, with ease.

This program is a hybrid of live and recorded sessions, and each week we will help you learn topics on how you will be able to stay on top of your productivity goals, focus, and peak your work-life balance, all using the power of Mindmaps. The week-wise breakdown of what you will learn inside this program is as follows.

The Curriculum

 Live an Extraordinary Life using the power of Mindmaps - (Self Paced Program)

Week 1

Understanding the Basics of Mindmaps

  • Basics of Mindmaps
  • How to get started with mindmaps
  • Paper Vs Software - Mindmaps
  • Universal Problem Solver
  • Decision Making Framework
  • Problem Mindset to Solution Mindset

Week 2

Applying & Improving the Efficiency in Professional Life/Business Life

  • Taking Run Time Notes - Minutes of meeting
  • Creating Presentation Using Mindmaps
  • Creating Checklists using mindmaps
  • Creating Review Process using mindmaps
  • Run time notes
  • Collaboration Tool - Online

Week 3

Master the Art of Mindmaps in your Personal Life

  • Apply the concepts of mindmaps - In Personal life
  • Creating checklists - House
  • How can you train your kids to use Mindmaps
  • Vacation planner - Planning - Execution - Blog writing

Week 4

Advanced Mindmap Concepts

  • Ninja Techniques
    Look and feel of your notes
  • Enhance your notes visually
  • Capture Entire Year's Minutes of meeting in One Single Mindmap
  • Create a Presentation at last minute
  • Reading & Mindmapping of a book in 1 day
  • How to create new mindmap templates

Brain to Super Brain

(Self Paced Program)

  • How to unlock the many hidden, infinite capabilities of the Human Brain
  • How to harvest this immense potential and achieve your dreams in different areas of your life, Health, Wealth/Finances & Relationships
  • How to experience increased energy levels.
  • Greater clarity of thought
  • Increased physical & Mental strength
  • Improved problem solving capabilities
  • Stronger and greater connections with family and loved ones

Becoming Focused & Indistractable

(Self Paced Program)

  • How to enhance your problem solving skills
  • Improve your focus & Concentration
  • How to focus like a monk & build laser precision focus
  • How to identify your personality & correct tool to fix the problem
  • How to identify your skill set to map it
  • How to map your skills to goals to achieve your success

Infinity Karthik, Creator Of Advance Mapping Mornings

Infinity Karthik Satyamurthy is a Software Engineer turned entrepreneur. Inspired by the vision, driven by values and a coach by passion. On a mission to inspire billions of people to become more productive, so that they can spend their valuable time with family, friends, passion and also on things that matter the most.

He is also an environmentalist and on a mission to plant 200 crore trees, water for all, and education for all by 2030. He is also an author, speaker and coach turned “Inspiration Leader”.

He has combined his global exposure of 10 years, 20 years of rich IT experience, 30 years of his research on the Brain & 40 years of applications of mind maps into a unique model, which will transform any ordinary person to achieve a “Super Human Productivity”. As a Coach, he has helped over 10,000 + people to beat their habit of procrastination, become highly productive and to grow their career and business multifold

The Journey

Get rid of your laziness & Action at 6.30AM. You'll be attending these sessions live everyday with us.

You'll be added to a super engaging community of Like-minded people to discuss, interact and receive support from them

We are there with you in this exciting journey of 4 weeks to hold you accountable on your progress and be there for you when you need us :)

We know the world keeps you busy. So access your courses anywhere, anytime on the LifeWheel iOS/Android App

Yes, you read that right :) This course is going to be with you as long as we exist :)

Bonus Included When You Join Today

Bonus #1

Execution Club

Valued at: INR 6,000/- 

Bonus #2

How to create Actionable Notes

Valued at: INR 4,999/- 

Bonus #3 

How to Visually Enhance your Boring MoM Interesting Notes 

Valued at: INR 1,999/- 

Bonus #4

10 Mind Maps of Books

Valued at: INR 4,999/- 

Bonus #5

Drugless Therapy By Prof. Satyamurthy - How to cure diseases without pills

Valued at: INR 9,999/- 

Bonus #6

Decision Making Framework

Bonus #7

Universal Problem Solver

Special Bonus #1

Canva Pro
1 Year Access

Special Bonus #2

100 Mindmap Template

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Advanced Mapping Mornings - Rs.24,999/-

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What Students Say About The Program

I had the fortune of personally attending a mind map training conducted by Tony Buzan back in 2016 in Bahrain. But never got to implement the tool so far. Your training is super useful and I am super excited to learn more about it tomorrow  

- Akhilan Karthikeyan

Yes Person - Was always getting stressed at work..

Had a challenge with her Self confidence, Self Esteem, Low Energy, Stressed out, Not able to manage work life balance

Maternity Leave - She was fearing to go back to work , as after baby responsibilities would increase. Wanted to work on the passion.

Became celebrity by learning the magic of Mindmaps & becoming super productive

- Sangamitha

Struggling in the coaching industry

Not ready to charge money to people..

Worked on her brain & within 5 months - She made 55 Lakh

-Ranjana Yadav - Model/Coach

Advanced Mapping Mornings

4 Weeks - Connection based program

By Infinity Karthik, Productivity Hacker & Brain Coach

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