Upskilling Leadership blueprint

4 Weeks - Connection based program

"Leadership is a skill that can be learnt, for as long as you have a conscious learning plan towards it"

4 Week Structure

Week 1
Masterclass on Communication

Week 2
Masterclass on Critical Thinking

Week 3
Masterclass on Collaboration

Week 4
Masterclass on Building Creativity


Live Session Tuesday at 8PM & Thursday at 7PM

Meet Your Coach

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta

Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta is an Erickson certified coach with a decade of senior leadership experience at Citi & Barclays and more. She is an award winning coach and mentors incubators from IIM Lucknow, BITS Mesra amongst others. Her life journey and experiences have also been featured in a book called Dare To Be, along with 13 other fearless women entrepreneurs of India.  

Yukti has been felicitated with Mumbai Woman Leadership Award 2021 by World Woman Leadership Congress. She is also recognized as among the Top 10 Most Dynamic Entrepreneurs 2021-22 by India Today, ANI News and Business Standard, Top 10 Women Startup CEOs 2020 by a prestigious business publication called CEO Insights, and has been awarded with National Woman Excellence Award 2018 extended by Indo European Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Upskilling Leadership Program

Total Price : ₹45,996 /- Only

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Total Value : ₹34,996

₹ 6999 + Gst = 8,258.82 Only

Upskilling Leadership Blueprint

The Journey

From Day 1, every single day, we will ensure you're reminded about your course videos and live sessions on the app so you never miss it and be held accountable

We will meet every Tuesdays & Thursdays together, we will find solution more :)

You'll be added to a super engaging community of
Like-minded people to discuss, interact and receive
support from them.

We are there with you in this exciting journey of 4
weeks to hold you accountable on your progress and be there for you when you need us :)

We know the world keeps you busy. So access your
courses anywhere, anytime on the SBY iOS/Android

Yes, you read that right :) This course content is going to be with you as long as we exist :)

Have More Questions About The Program? We're Here To Help

Still have any questions about the program? Well, we couldn't prepare an extensive FAQ section but we are here to answer you live on WhatsApp or Phone call :) Please click the WhatsApp icon below to chat with our expert team or call us on the number given below:

Unlock your leadership potential and unleash your true potential
with our expert guidance and support! Our team is dedicated to
helping you overcome obstacles, develop crucial skills, and achieve
optimal leadership performance. Get ready to thrive as a leader
and lead with confidence on your journey to success. Say hello to a
new level of leadership excellence and hello to a more empowered,
fulfilled you. Let's start this journey to towards leadership together
Yukti & Team LifeWheel